The Phone is Dead:

This may be an obvious one. Either you accidentally damaged your phone by dropping it or dunking it in water for too long, or the battery is dead. If you’ve eliminated the first as a culprit, check to see if it shows no sign of power – nothing lights up, no sound, nada. If the phone shows no signs of life after charging with a reliable charger, it’s time to call it: your battery is dead. There is a good chance that the battery may need to be replaced.

The Phone Only Shows Power When Plugged In

If the battery is bad, it does not hold a charge to power the phone from its stored energy. However, if the phone functions properly, the phone may still power up when a power source is connected. If the phone does not power up after it has had time to charge thoroughly, it is more than likely time to get a new battery

The Phone Dies Quickly

One clear sign that your cell phone battery might be dying is that it can no longer hold a charge for long. The amount of time your cell phone battery holds a charge depends on how frequently you use it, and what you use it for. Long conversations, excessive video watching, video game playing and other activities can drain a battery faster than just making short phone calls a few times a day. However, if the battery drops from fully charged to half charged to dead within a day despite not being taxed heavily, odds are it’s on its way out. If the battery can hold a charge for only an hour or so with limited use, it’s beginning to fail.

The Phone or Battery Starts to Feel Hot

Regardless of how old or new the battery is, always check its temperature while it’s being charged. If the battery seems to be getting warmer each time you charge it with your charger, it is beginning to die. Batteries should last about two years before showing symptoms of failure, but you should check the temperature every time they charge.

The Battery Bulges

Sometimes, when a battery goes bad, the internal cells rupture, and cause a bulge to appear in the battery. You see this when you hold the battery up or see a bulge on the casing. Additionally, a bulge makes it able to spin like a top when placing the battery on a flat surface.

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