Blacklisted / Stolen Phones (IMEI Status Check)

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There are hundreds of Used Cell Phones sellers on Sites such as Kijiji, Craigslist, ebay. With this many sellers, how do you know which seller to trust? How do you know the device you are buying is not stolen or blacklisted?

Since no proof of purchase is given when you buy from a private seller, you could lose your hard earned money if the device can’t be use.

What to do before handing over your hard earned money to a Private Cell phone seller:

  1. Before meeting the seller, ask them to provide the device IMEI number. (Finding the IMEI is as easy as Dialling *#06# on most devices ) A trusted seller with nothing to hide will provide the IMEI without objections
  2. Click Here and enter the IMEI provided to check the status of the device. ( A message will appear with the status of the device)
  3. When you meet with the seller, test the device.
  4. Put in your sim card
  5. Make a test phone call / text
  6. Make sure the device receives cellular service.

Looking for a Safe and Trusted source for Used Smartphones?

We offer a number of New and Used Smartphones for any Budget.

  • Our devices are checked for full functionality
  • Clean IMEI
  • Not stolen.
  • We will gladly provided IMEI info if requested
  • We provide provide proof of purchase and warranty with every purchase.

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